The 5Gs Toward Successful Living

When ran across a post from the Success Strategist and #1 bestselling author, Lorenzo Sellers, that caught our eye. So we decided to share this with everyone! This will bring unparalleled success.

Growth– Our trials are often blessings in disguise. Life deals in lessons which produces growth. And growth gives you the edge you need to win.

Gratitude– If you’re thankful for what you already have, you’ll always be blessed with more. No one is ever going to keep giving to someone who never says “thank you”. God works the same way. Be thankful for the opportunities and the trials you go through. They’re both designed to get you closer to your end goal.

Game Plan– You don’t have to have a full-blown plan to become successful. Not everything is always going to go according to plan. They rarely do. All you need is a sense of direction of where you want to go and take the first step toward achieving it.

Group– No man is an island. 98% of successful people had a team backing them. Get with positive and like minded individuals and work together to achieve major goals. This is an important step. Don’t skip it.

Giving– The most IMPORTANT G and the final step toward creating your life and making this your best year. The key to living is giving. When you go into something wanting to take, you’ll rarely receive anything. Giving has massive power and always come back 10x more. Remember, no one has ever gone broke from giving.

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