The MacFarland Team are among the top producing real estate agents in Virginia. Jessica and Ryan MacFarland managed to carve out a niche in the Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia area. This includes racking up and impressive 32 homes bought within the past year. Together they have seasoned experience and ability to foster solid relationships. The The MacFarland Team are full-service real estate experts who strive to service the entire spectrum of clients Virginia and surrounding states has to offer. MacFarland clients are usually investors, developers, and high-end sellers: military, professionals and middle to wealth class individuals whose real estate holdings dot the globe, to clients with small family homes and short sale needs.

Their uncompromising professionalism and dogged drive has yielded unheard of rapid rise to success in their niche real estate market, crowning the pair as esteemed professionals whose boldface reputation has been given a great amount of recognition within the real estate industry.